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Pilates Trapeze Pop Reformer

Pilates Trapeze Pop Reformer
Pilates Trapeze Pop Reformer
Pilates Trapeze Pop Reformer
Pilates Trapeze Pop Reformer
Pilates Trapeze Pop Reformer
Pilates Trapeze Pop Reformer
Pilates Trapeze Pop Reformer
Pilates Trapeze Pop Reformer
Pilates Trapeze Pop Reformer
Pilates Trapeze Pop Reformer
Pilates Trapeze Pop Reformer
Pilates Trapeze Pop Reformer
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Pilates Trapeze Pop Reformer
Pilates Trapeze Pop Reformer offers an authentic experience, with modern craftmanship, along with customer service and timely delivery. It is offered in a wide range of colours to match with your professional or personal settings.



The frame is made out fo Melamin in a variety of colours, or from marine birch plywood with external alluminum legs electrostatic painted which in combination with the internal metal rails the reformer is reinforced, resulting in a sturdy and stiff frame without loose joints and any unwanted noises.

The outer dimensions are:
Height: 40cm η 50cm η 60cm (moving platform height from the floor)
Width: 75cm 
Length: 250cm 

Roll Down Bar

The Roll-Down Bar is a wooden round-profiled bar with 3,5cm diameter and 58cm or 75 cm length, which in combination with soft spring (blue and yellow) serves a wide variety of exercises for the back, the abs and even for the hands and legs. Roll-Down Bar can be used with the Cadillac / Trapeze Table, the Wall Unit (included in both) or with the reformer.


Two in one handles, washable. Limit your ajustments to your ropes and save time from your lessons!
The double loops offer two in one handles, the inside loops for hands and the larger outside loops gor legs. The inside polyester strap guarantees its strength and the inside foamy material in combination with its external suede washable padding offers comfort, ergonomics and better grip.

Platform Extender

The Platform Extender for the Trapeze Pop Reformer offers an extra padded surface for kneeling, stitting or standing exercises on the Reformer. It extends the steady wooden footing of the Reformer, for the split repertoire. You place it on the moving platform and it works as a terrace for the cross-legged exercises on the moving platform enabling better ergonomics for the lumbar spine. It is also ideal for exercises in combination with other equipment such as the Wunda Chair, the Ladder Barrel, or the Cadillac.

Supportive Platform

Transform your reformer to an elevated, steady matwork surface. The foamy, dense, sublayer of the supporting platform, which is the same with the sublayer of the moving platform, creates a comfortable, uniform, elevated platform for the matwork repertoire, offering to people with mobility issues easier access, and also freeing space for the professionals and combining comfort and functionality.
The dimensions of the supporting platform are 121cm X 59cm.

Shoulder Rests

The anatomic shoulder rests of the reformer are designed with a stable and safe system for the purpose of fast removability.
Also 2 covers are included, so when you remove the rests the surface of the bed expands and in combination with the platform extender a mini mat surface is created and your repertoire is expanded.


Το πλαίσιο του Trapeze καθώς και αρθρώσεις είναι κατασκευασμένα απο γυαλιστερό ανοξείδωτο ατσάλι.Αυτό το υλικό το χαρακτηρίζει η κομψή του εμφάνιση και η εξαιρετική αντοχή του. Είναι επίσης ανθεκτικό σε θραύση, διάτρηση, διάβρωση και αποχρωματισμό. Εξωτερικές Διαστάσεις πλάτος 74 εκ μήκος 225 εκ υψος 205 εκ.

Sliding Bar

Δύο βασικά εξάρτηματα του trapeze είναι η οριζόντια και η κάθετη μπάρα ολίσθησης οι οποίες παρέχουν πολλές θέσεις για την τοποθέτηση των ελατηρίων προκειμένου να γίνουν οι ασκήσεις για τα χέρια και για τα πόδια. Οι βίδες μαργαρίτες επιτρέπουν εύκολες και ασφαλείς ρυθμίσεις σε όλο το μήκος της πλευράς στην οποία γίνεται η ολίσθηση.

“Pilates Organa” guarantees that all the new equipment is free of manufacturing defects at its materials and work. The warranty is applied on the date of the invoice from the original purchase. The company is obliged though the repair or replacement of parts according to the terms of the warranty.

This warranty is applicable to the equipment:

  • While still at the possession of the original buyer, which is proved with the receipt.
  • If the upgrades are made as the company requires.
  • The warranty will be void if the equipment is used for any purpose other than that intended.
  • The warranty will be void if the owner did not comply with instructions and maintenance.
  • If the equipment is misused or has undergone any alterations which is not approved by the company.

The warranty of the equipment, that we at “Pilates Organa” design and manufacture, is determined by the materials that are used. More precisely the warranty of each material is listed below:

Lifetime warranty for the (INOX) stainless steel 304-304L parts. Five (5) years warranty for the wooden parts. Fifteen (15) years warranty for the metal parts. Two (2) years warranty for parts that are made of aluminum. One (1) year warranty for straps, ropes, resistance bands, upholstery, and wheels. The company will, in its judgement, repair any of the parts, if the foresaid are malfunctioning due to any defects.

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Innovative Design. Great Quality. Affordable Price.

Push through System

Light aluminum bar electrostatically painted with 30mm diameter and 58 cm length, with inside braces. The Push-through Bar is easily adjsuted to the wanted height, giving you the possibilty to exercise inside of the trapeze as much outside of it.

Roll Down Bar

Sturdy round-profiled wooden bar with 35mm diameter and 58cm length, with inside braces.


Choose upholstery color
Durable - Antifungal - Antibacterial
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