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Pilates Chairell ● Wunda Chair & Laderr Barell

Pilates Chairell ● Wunda Chair & Laderr Barell
Pilates Chairell ● Wunda Chair & Laderr Barell
New Space Saving
Pilates Chairell ● Wunda Chair & Laderr Barell
Pilates Chairell ● Wunda Chair & Laderr Barell
Pilates Chairell ● Wunda Chair & Laderr Barell

Space Saving Multifunctional Pilates Solution Equipment

Pilates For All: Introducing the CHAIRELL

Pilates For All proudly presents the innovative CHAIRELL, the ultimate combination of the Wunda Chair and Ladder Barrel in one unique apparatus.

Chair + Barrel = Chairell.

The CHAIRELL is a robust, powerful, and easily portable Pilates apparatus, designed for professional use and maximum space-saving.

With dimensions of 120cm length x 60cm width x 90cm height, the CHAIRELL offers all the exercises performed on the Wunda Chair and Ladder Barrel.

Discover the ultimate Pilates solution that combines three apparatuses in one! Save space and enhance your workouts with the multifunctionality and modular design of the CHAIRELL.


Pilates For All: Wunda Chair

The Wunda Chair from Pilates For All is a versatile Pilates machine that can be adapted to target most muscle groups.
This robust equipment helps practitioners strengthen and improve their fitness for both the upper and lower body, enhance stability, and improve body control.
Ideal for rehabilitation or for those needing to remain seated or standing, it helps balance muscle groups while providing a full-body workout.
The Pilates chair also facilitates high-performance exercises for athletes and fitness enthusiasts. Compact and easy to transport, the Wunda Chair is perfect for studios, gyms, or even homes with limited space.



The frame is made of PLYWOOD (marine grade) Birch, finished with a clear varnish. It is constructed to be sturdy, stable, and rigid without looseness at the joints or annoying noises.The removable seat of the Wunda Chair is available in nine (9) basic leather colors.


Height: 60cm
Width: 55cm
Length: 80cm


The pedals move independently or can be locked together to function as a single unit. The pedals are covered externally with vinyl and internally with high-quality soft foam for added comfort


The Wunda Chair includes four (4) springs:
2 soft springs
2 hard springs
The tension of the springs is easily adjusted with the unique telescoping spring base system, which is adjustable from the front of the Wunda Chair for quick changes.


The Ladder Barrel from Pilates For All challenges core stabilization and strengthening for Pilates enthusiasts of all levels.
The surface is ideal for stretching and strengthening exercises, and the wooden ladder provides flexibility for different users.
It also features an adjustable base to accommodate various body types (torso and leg length).
Designed for intense core training, it will help you and your clients increase flexibility and mobility.



The Ladder is constructed from marine-grade PLYWOOD, combining Birch and Oak, and finished with a clear varnish.
It is engineered to be sturdy, stable, and rigid without looseness at the joints or annoying noises. Six ladder rungs allow for varying degrees of strength and flexibility.


Height: 105cm
Width: 62cm
Length: 120cm


The adjustable sliding base alters the distance between the ladder and the barrel, allowing for customization based on the user's anthropometric characteristics.
The removable Barrel is externally covered in leatherette in nine (9) basic colors and internally with dense foam for optimal comfort and proprioceptive feedback.
Additionally, the modular design of the Chairell allows you to utilize the barrel to enrich your exercise repertoire. mat ασκησιολόγιο σας.


The Leg support is removable for selective use during exercises and is externally covered in leatherette in nine (9) basic colors.
Internally, it features dense foam for optimal comfort and proprioceptive feedback.

“Pilates Organa” guarantees that all the new equipment is free of manufacturing defects at its materials and work. The warranty is applied on the date of the invoice from the original purchase. The company is obliged though the repair or replacement of parts according to the terms of the warranty.

This warranty is applicable to the equipment:

  • While still at the possession of the original buyer, which is proved with the receipt.
  • If the upgrades are made as the company requires.
  • The warranty will be void if the equipment is used for any purpose other than that intended.
  • The warranty will be void if the owner did not comply with instructions and maintenance.
  • If the equipment is misused or has undergone any alterations which is not approved by the company.

The warranty of the equipment, that we at “Pilates Organa” design and manufacture, is determined by the materials that are used. More precisely the warranty of each material is listed below:

Lifetime warranty for the (INOX) stainless steel 304-304L parts. Five (5) years warranty for the wooden parts. Fifteen (15) years warranty for the metal parts. Two (2) years warranty for parts that are made of aluminum. One (1) year warranty for straps, ropes, resistance bands, upholstery, and wheels. The company will, in its judgement, repair any of the parts, if the foresaid are malfunctioning due to any defects.

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