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About Pilates for All

Who we are,

Pilates For All is the evolution of Art Action Pilates.

Already 30 years have gone by, where the Pilates method has been our only subject of occupation.

The main reason of our exclusivity in the Pilates method are the benefits, the guaranteed efficacy and that the Pilates method is for everyone

Something that is very clear from the beginning of this journey, is the high cost of the equipment that dominates the market, which makes it difficult for many to experience the benefits of the Pilates method.

That was the reason which made us design and manufacture our own equipment for our company’s Studios.

“When you experience something unique, you want others to experience it too”

So in order to experience it as many as possible

We decide in 2004 to launch and create our own line of Pilates equipment, of which we design and we manufacture exclusively in Greece, following the same vision that is:

Providing trustworthy, strong pilates equipment which are easy to purchase by everyone so they can experience all of the amazing benefits that the Pilates method has to offer.

So in 2008 we created PILATES FOR ALL and we present to our clients the first Pilates equipment that are designed and manufactured exclusively in Greece.

From then many of you have trusted us and the reason is that we find a common goal, and our goal is achieving our vision…. In a few words:

“All together we can make it possible so that more people experience the benefits of the Pilates method.”

That makes us all together better and stronger.