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Pilates Spring Board Simple

Pilates Spring Board Simple
Pilates Spring Board Simple

Springboard is the ideal space-saving choice. It is bolted to the wall, so it doesn’t take up space. Also, your repertoire is expanded and provides full-body workout.

Made of melanin in a variety of colours with the following dimensions:

  • Height 181cm
  • Width 51cm


With 1 set of yellow springs (short) and 1 set of light blue springs (long)


1 set of comfortable and washable double loops is included

Support Bar

The Support Bar offers you the appropriate support that you will need with your mat exercises.

Roll-down Bar

Sturdy round-profiled wooden bar with 35mm diameter and 58cm length, with inside braces.

Enrich your repertoire with the use of Light Mat.

Springboard Simple (Springboard + Roll-down Bar) 400€+VAT

+Light Mat 80€+VAT

“Pilates Organa” guarantees that all the new equipment is free of manufacturing defects at its materials and work. The warranty is applied on the date of the invoice from the original purchase. The company is obliged though the repair or replacement of parts according to the terms of the warranty.

This warranty is applicable to the equipment:

  • While still at the possession of the original buyer, which is proved with the receipt.
  • If the upgrades are made as the company requires.
  • The warranty will be void if the equipment is used for any purpose other than that intended.
  • The warranty will be void if the owner did not comply with instructions and maintenance.
  • If the equipment is misused or has undergone any alterations which is not approved by the company.

The warranty of the equipment, that we at “Pilates Organa” design and manufacture, is determined by the materials that are used. More precisely the warranty of each material is listed below:

Lifetime warranty for the (INOX) stainless steel 304-304L parts. Five (5) years warranty for the wooden parts. Fifteen (15) years warranty for the metal parts. Two (2) years warranty for parts that are made of aluminum. One (1) year warranty for straps, ropes, resistance bands, upholstery, and wheels. The company will, in its judgement, repair any of the parts, if the foresaid are malfunctioning due to any defects.

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