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Pilates Reformer & Tower Foldables | Save Space & Money

Pilates Reformer & Tower foldables in less than a square meter space

30 Years of experience in pilates...

Save Space & Money. Pilates Equipment Ideal for Pilates Studios, Gyms, Yoga Studios, Pilates Home Studio. Innovative Foldable  Reformers & Wall Units from Pilates for All with Waranty for performance & Customer Support.

Pilates Foldable Wall Tower Pilates Foldable Wall Tower
New Tower
The Pilates Wall Tower or Pilates Wall Unit is the second most popular and most beneficial instrument in the pilates method which exercises the whole ..
Ex Tax:900.00€
Pilates Reformer Foldable Αναδιπλούμενο PFA30Kgr Pilates Reformer Foldable Αναδιπλούμενο PFA30Kgr
New Space Saving
Pilates Reformer foldable - αναδιπλούμενο σχεδιασμένο για επαγγελματική ή οικιακή χρήση. Reformer σχεδιασμένο για εξοικονόμηση χώρου και τα..
Ex Tax:750.00€
Pilates Reformer & Tower Foldable
New Space Saving
Pilates Reformer & Tower foldable Save space with pilates for all foldable equipment. Ideal for Pilates Studios, Gym's, Yoga Studios & home..
Ex Tax:1,600.00€
3D Reformer 40Kgr 3D Reformer 40Kgr
Space Saving
Pilates 3D Reformer. Space Saving. Steady. Strong. Sturdy.Pilates 3D Reformer is designed to conserve space. The only folding reformer in the greek ma..
Ex Tax:900.00€
Pilates 3DM Reformer Pilates 3DM Reformer
Pilates For All innovates again with the new foldable Pilates Reformer for home.The only Home Reformer in the greek market manufactured entirely, like..
Ex Tax:550.00€